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Forced Order
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All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid
Beware you've awoken a sleeping giant
Watching money and your alcohol
Watch out watch out watch out for the bomb fall
I know hunger, I know hate
A chair shot straight to your brain, straight to your skull crack
Takes the pain from all who can't see the light
Hey, hey, can't you see?
Give me a shell yeah
I've fought this fight, for far too long
Another me is what there will never be
Gore gore gore
This earth is not your place, the pale skin is on your face
Don't get up or never let up
Boy, why'd you do it ? They never thought he could
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt
Every time I stop and turn around
They say I couldn't do it, say the name for it
Both hands on the wheel rolling the high way

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