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Callie and Arizona. Who wants kids?
What was Lexi wearing for Halloween?
What did Izzie use to make burrow holes in a man's skull while on a ferry?
What STI did George get?
What wire of Denny's did Izzie cut?
Where did George and Alex preform heart surgery?
What did Derek live in?
What's on the wall in Meredith and Derek's room?
What did Meredith make the outline of her dream house with?
Which of George's parents is dead?
What religion is Cristina?
What colour was Izzie`s prom dress?
Who did Izzie see in the elevator?
Did Izzie die from cancer?
What did Alex do to help Izzie remember things?
What was Meredith's Dog's Name?
Who was Shepherd's first wife?
Who did Addison sleep with?
What type of surgeon is Dr. Bailey?
What type of addiction does Richard Webber have?
Why did Burke have tremors?
What hockey team's flag is hanging in the Emerald City Bar?
What did Lexi's mom die from?
What did Izzie and Denny like to play together?
who does George marry?

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