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My name is T to the A to the E (to the)Y to the A N G (hot tteugeowo)YG Ent
I just wanna be with youJYP Ent
I just wanna fall in loveJYP Ent
Come on Come on Get with itTS Ent
Put your hands in the air How y'all feeling out there We gon' party over here modu gachi sing it let me hear you sayYG Ent
Neoro chaeun mirror mirrorSM Ent
Jamggan meomchweobwaYG Ent
1 2 Strike nohchindamyeon ijen game overJYP Ent
Uri yaksokhaji marayo Naeireun tto moreujanhayo Hajiman I mal maneun jinsimiya Geudae johahaeyoYG Ent
Mal haryeoda mallyeoda Mal haryeoda mallyeoda Pyeonjireul sseoseo juneun geot majeodo Wae himi deuljiJYP Ent
My hips are pang-pang-pang (very tight) Boys ask Time time time My lips are nyam-nyam-nyam (so tasty)YG Ent
Eomma appa yeohaeng gassneunde Jigeum na baegopa Oppa chikin meokgo gallae?Featuring
Oh baby love is you Oh baby love is you Oh baby only youFNC Ent
haneopsi kkeureoango itdeon neol nwaya hae nan amugeosdo haejul su itneun ge eopsneundeJYP Ent
jakkuman jakkuman saenggagina nunmuri naneyo nunmulman naneyoCUBE Ent
neol bomyeon U ooh nado mollae U ooh honjaseoman U ooh I'm asking youFeaturing
naman barabwa eokkaega piryohal ttae I’ll be that somebody somebody, we’re in this for life yeahMUSIC K Ent
Whoo Clap Clap Clap Clap Whoo Clap Clap Clap ClapDSP MEDIA
amkkan sonyeoya jeoldae neon Dareun saramege nokjima Naega jiltu najanhaPLEDIS Ent
OH NO I DIDN’T CRY CRY CRY eochapi nugul wonmanghaebwatja dallajil geon eobseo da kkeuchinikkaYG Ent

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