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'Who's that chick that's rockin' kicks?' is a line from which song?
What is singer, Jim Diamond's middle name?
'John Q' starred which iconic American actor?
In the movie 'Driving Miss Daisy', which state did Daisy live?
In the movie 'Death Sentence', what type of murder was the cause of Nick's son's death?
What was the name of the monster in 'Little Monsters'
What was the first name of Robin Williams' character in 'What Dreams May Come'?
In 'Only Fools and Horses' what was the name of the man who was selling the 'gold chains'?
In 'Little Monsters' what was the name of the boss in the monster world?
In the Australian soap-opera 'Neighbours', what is Paul's last name?
'I Should Be So Lucky' is an 80s hit for which singer/actress?
'It kept pedos off of the street for 8 years' was said about which TV series?
Who famously has the word 'breathe' under her breast?
'Gasoline Alley' was a hit for Elkie Brooks, but who recorded it originally?
'Holding Back the Years' was an 80s hit for which band?
The previous answer's lead singer was who?
Who was the arrogant and sarcastic neighbor in 'Hannah Montana'?
What is the first line of the 'Hannah Montana' theme song?
What is the first line of the second verse from Jim Diamond's 'Hi Ho Silver'
Why did the police get involved at Madonna's 'Truth or Dare' tour
The 80s hit 'Words' was a one-hit-wonder for who?
Why was Elvis arrested in the mid-50s?
In 'Neighbours', what was Todd's last name?
In 'Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest', what was Dodger's real name?
In the 'Hannah Montana' episode 'Ready, Set, Don't Drive!' Officer Diaria's daughter Kelsey asked 'December 18th, 2007, Hannah performed where?' What was the answer?
How old was DJ in the first season of 'Full House'?
'You can find the perfect blend' is a line from which show's theme song?
In 'Coronation Street' what is the name of Peter Barlow's son?
EastEnders first aired in which year?
What was the name of the very first episode of 'Hannah Montana'?
'Yellow Brick Road' was a hit for which music icon?
In the hit British sitcom '2point4 Children', what was the name of the mother?
In 'Porridge', what is the name of Fletcher's cell-mate?
'This job, it stinks!' is a line from an episode of which series?
'Say what again!' is a famous line from which movie?
Brian Dowling is the host of which British show?
Who was the winner of last year's show (refer to the answer of the previous question)
What was John Lennon's guitar of choice?
'Having My Baby' was a hit for who?
In the 70s classic 'Bugsy Malone', what was the name of Fat Sam's 'speak-easy' club?
In 'E.T.' which Hollywood sex symbol played Elliot's sister Gertie?
In 'Doctor Who', what is the name of the leader of the Daleks?
Jodie Foster played a retarded girl in which movie?
Gordie Lachance, Chris Chambers, Teddy Duchamp and Vern Tessio are all characters from which hit 80s movie?
Kevin McCallister is a character from which movie?
In 'Hannah Montana', what is the name of Miley and Jackson's uncle?
He haunts dreams in a striped shirt
In the movie 'Buried', which country was the victim located?
'Hit Girl' in the movie 'Kick-Ass' was played by who?
In 'Coronation Street', what is Roy's last name?

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