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Who played Joey in 'Full House'?
Who played Don Corleone in 'The Godfather'?
Who wrote and performed the theme songs for 'Full House', 'Family Matters' and 'Step By Step'?
ALF's name?
He played Jackson Rod Stewart in 'Hannah Montana'
Ken Boon's middle name?
He played Harry Crawford in 'Boon'
He sang 'So Strong', 'Back on the Line' and 'Hung Up on Your Love'
Middle name is Maria, has been voted 'Sexiest Female' more than once and first appeared on a talent show at the age of 9
This show recently won an award for 'Best TV Drama', has been on air for over 5 decades and was originally only supposed to air for 12 weeks
What was the name of the dad in 'ALF'?
Name Ferris' best friend in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
Jim Diamond's 3rd Top 5 hit
Miley Cyrus performed 'I Thought I Lost You' with John Travolta for which movie?
It was Elvis Presley's favorite meal
This was the last song that Elvis ever performed live
The answer to the previous question claimed it's first number one by who?
He played Vincent in the hit 80s TV series 'Beauty and the Beast'
'I'm Looking Through You' was a hit for which iconic band?
A member of the previous answer had a hit with 'Got My Mind Set on You'. Who was it?
Name the purple puppet that appeared in an episode of 'Hannah Montana'
Sitcom character who shares his last name with a serial killer
Speaking of serial killers, he was tall, long haired and killed most of his family
'Nobody Told Me' was a hit for who?
Michael Jackson suffered burns to his head while filming a commercial for what?
Miley Cyrus edited a video for one of her hits specially for her YouTube channel. Which song was it for?
Oliver Hardy was best known by what name?
In the final episode of 'Quantum Leap' what name did God go by?
Who played Sam Beckett in 'Quantum Leap'?
Michael Landon's first major series
Who played Lilly Truscott in 'Hannah Montana'?
He played Tony Soprano
Who performed the song used as the CSI theme?
He played Norman Stanley Fletcher in 'Porridge'
He played Manuel in 'Fawlty Towers'
John Cleese was married in real life to which 'Fawlty Towers' character?
In 'Saved By the Bell', what was Kelly's last name?
Which 'Saved By the Bell' character left the show and went on to stun audiences by doing a full-frontal nude masturbation scene in the movie 'Showgirls'?
Which 'Sopranos' character is a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and also wrote 'All Alone on Christmas'?
'And I remember how we'd play, never waste a day away' are lyrics from which song?
Detective from Berlin with a funny walk
Tim Roth played this genius of the human expressions
Who played the lead role in 'White Noise'?
Morgan Freeman starred in this iconic movie based in prison
Matt Groening created which iconic TV family?
Name the scruffy, 'dirty' father from 'Steptoe and Son'
'Dueling Banjos' is a famous tune and scene from which movie?
This movie featured a little girl who was classified as being 'too sexy'
He gets his powers from the Sun
'Where there's a bed, there's a way' is a line from which hit 80s movie?

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