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Long and yellow
Got their debut in E.T.
Candy coated chocolates, originally created for soldiers
___ and ____'s
Cornish _______
Orange wrapper, Arachis hypogea center
England's version of Whoppers
Pirate sounding chocolate snack
Riddle: One word, first half sounds like something you close....
Sounds like Tic-Tac, but backwards
The name of this snack resembles an unfaithful lover....
Cosby loved it
They made sandwich snacks famous
This snack's name could be almost used as an insult to cows
Two words - first word sounds loud, the second word is something you grow
A hard and British candy, made from butter
This milky snack almost gives itself a bad name....
If you had a head like this, you may be called bitter!
A snack that's name could get you arrested for buying....
This girl is small, and her name is famous
First part of the first word sounds like something you should never commit. The second word is a slang term for your rear end
They aren't your cookies, or anybody else's cookies.. They are HERS!
They aren't Crunchos....
A pie that sounds like it needs unlocking....

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