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He had one foot in something other than his mouthCharacter name
Arrogant hotelierCharacter name
Del-Boy's younger brotherCharacter name
He 'rode on down' for 7 yearsShow name/Character name
David Daker played this characterCharacter name
Victor Meldrew's wifeCharacter name
Whatever Happened To the ____ ___Show name
Bill, Ben, David and Jenny - Characters from which show?Show name
'I don't believe it!' Catchphrase from which show?Show name
She leads a double lifeCharacter name
Vincent and CatherineShow name
Jonathan's human sidekickCharacter name
The Doctor's home planetLocation
Billie Piper starred as this young womanCharacter name
Rocky Cassidy in 'Boon' had a real first name that was mentioned once. What was it?Character name
The family's last name in '2 Point 4 children'Character name
Jodie Sweetin played which cute TV child?Character name
Lisa Turtle is a character from which hit teen show?Show name
Tony Soprano's daughterCharacter
Miley Stewart was from this placeLocation
Dodger's sisterCharacter name
'Luvvly Jubbly' was the catchphrase of which British TV icon?Character name
The lead character in 'Porridge' (full name)Character name
Shelle and Fenner are characters from which British Thriller series?Show name
Tough and gritty teen show about a high schoolShow name
Ben, Susan, Janie, Nick and Michael: Characters from which hit sitcom?Show name
'Say what?!' Show name
'Oh boy!' was the catchphrase for which hit TV character?Character name
Mr. Drummond's daughterCharacter name
In 'Hannah Montana', Oliver dated her and Miley and Lily were not very happyCharacter name

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