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What was Ken's name for his motorcycle?
What was the name of Harry's ex-wife?
Harry's ex-wife ditched him for a younger man. What was his job?
In which West Midlands city were the first three series set?
What was Ken Boon's middle name?
What cc was Ken's bike?
What was the name of the older woman who had the hots for Rocky?
What was Laura's last name?
The blonde, ex criminal who assisted CBS during the final series (first name will do)
What 'theme' was painted on Ken's wall for his birthday in the episode 'Minder'?
What was the name of Harry's girlfriend in 'The Night Before Christmas' whom Ken kissed, which resulted in a dramatic falling out?
Name Ken's dispatch company from series 2 and 3
Name the famous Wild West detective agency which was briefly shown in the title sequence of series 3
In the Final Episode, what did Harry get locked inside until Ken saved him?
In the episode 'A Night At the Ballet', what did Harry sing on stage when he thought no one was watching?
The creators of 'Boon' claimed that the series was inspired by which classic Western TV show?
In the very first episode, what was the box number of Ken's ad?
In the episode 'Pillow Talk', how did Laura discourage the attentions of the girl who had the hots for Rocky?
When Ken went 'Undercover' in the episode of the same name, what did Ken jokingly tell Harry he would bring back for him?
What was the first name of Ken and Harry's old fire service friend, who held them hostage in 'A Once Fluid Man'?
Finish this quote from Ken, which was directed at Harry: 'I always know when you're lying. Your eyes go all small like a _______'
Name the Liverpool lass who worked for Ken in series 2
For a short time, Ken had a horse. The first half of it's name was 'Deuville'. What was the last part?
In 'Tales From the Riverbank', what was done to Ken to help him remember an important piece of information?
When Ken posed as a delivery man in the series 4 episode 'In It For the Monet', what clothing from his past did he wear?
In the episode 'Don't Buy From Me Argentina', what was Rocky attempting to deliver, while being chased by a black car?
What was 'Watson' in the series 1 episode 'Answers To the Name of Watson'?
What was the occupation of 'The man you love to hate' in the series 4 premiere episode 'Walking Off Air'?
In the episode 'Is There Anybody There', what was the scary location that Ken and Harry had to provide security for?
Complete this episode title: 'MacGuffin's __________'
Complete this episode title: 'Whispering _____'
Complete this episode title: 'Unto Us Four, A ___'
Complete this episode title: '_____ the Kid'
Complete this episode title: 'The Not So ____ ______'
In the episode 'The Eyes of Texas', what was Ken almost charged with?

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