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The process of acquiring memory
A disease almost always associated with left hemisphere damage where patients have difficulty performing movements when asked to perform them out of context
Where the left hand (right hemisphere) corrects a choice made by the right hand (left hemisphere) in a table lin-up
Receptors in the postsynaptic membrane that are gated by the postsynaptic membrane potential (and gated by glutamate) and are involved critically in associative LTP
'Neurons that fire together, ____ together.'
Receptors in the postsynaptic membrane that are always active (in the presence of glutamate)
Another name for the frontal operculum; associated with language expression
The unequal representation of various psychological functions in the two hemispheres of the brain
Patients whose left and right hemispheres have been separated by a commisurotomy
Another name for the planum temporale; associated with language reception
A switch in _____ function from excitatory to inhibitory is one of the proposed reasons for infantile amnesia
Where a split brain patient's two hemispheres communicate neurally via indirect pathways through the brainstem
The ____ pathway is the last step of the Ca2+, CaCM, CaM Kinase II pathway
A brain damage-produced deficit in the ability to produce/comprehend language
The process of taking short term memories and storing them as long term memories
____ levels in the blood can trigger the release of norepinephrine in the amygdala

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