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Four large internal chambers of the brain
Protects CNS, fills subarachnoid space, central canal of spinal cord, and cerebral ventricles of the brain
Clusters of cell bodies in CNS
Consists of brain and spinal cord
A fatty insulating substance found around axons
Glial cells with extensions that wrap around the azons of some neurons of the CNS
A circuit of midline structures that circle the thalamus; involved in regulating motivated behaviors
The largest, star-shaped glial cells that play a role in allowing the passage of some chemicals from the blood into CNS neurons and in blocking other chemicals, also control establ
Networks of paillaries that protrude into the ventriles from the pia mater and produce CSF
Three protective membranes surrounding the brain
Composed largely of cell bodies and unmyelinated interneurons
Those autonomic motor nerves that project fomr the brain and sacral region of the spinal cord
12 pairs of nerves that project from the brain
A layer of blood vessel cells that are very tightly packed and selectively permeable
Located just below the anterior thalamus; plays an important role in the regulation of several motivated behaviors and release of hormones from pituitary
Ridges between fissures and sulci
A large, convoluted structure on the brain stem's dorsal surface, important sensorimotor structure
Bundles of axons in PNS
Everything but the brain and spinal cord
Study of biological processes by comparing difference species
A membrane (spiderweb-like) directly beneath dura mater
Cells that are specialized for the reception, conduction, and transmission of electrochemical signals
Large furrows in a convoluted cortex
Innermost meninx, delicate and adheres to surface of CNS
Part of PNS that regulates body's internal environment
Bundles of axons in CNS
Large, multipolar neurons with pyramid-shaped cells bodies
A method of measuring brain activity through the scalp
Under arachnoid membrane, a space that contains many large blood vessels and CSF
The outer meninx, a tough membrane
Carry sensory signals from the skin, skeletal muscles, joints, eyes, ears, etc, to CNS
Carry motor signals from the CNS to skeletal muscles
Clusters of cell bodies in PNS
Those autonomic motor nerves that project from the CNS in the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spinal cord
Several classes of nonneural cells of the nervous system, support and nourish neurons
Sensory(afferent) unipolar neurons with their cell bodies grouped together just outside the spinal cord
Composed largely of myelinayed axons
Small furrows in a convoluted cortex
A class of glial cells that protect and increase speed of axonal conduction in the PNS

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