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First two partsMissing part(s)meaning
servo, servaresave
scio, scireknow
credo, crederebelieve, trust
gero, gererecarry/wage/bear/wear
possum, possebe able
audio, audirehear, listen
fugio, fugereflee
pugno, pugnarefight
navigo, navigaresail
soleo, solerebe accustomed
decerno, decerneredecide/determine
peto, petereseek
aedifico, aedificarebuild
First two partsMissing part(s)meaning
dico, diceresay/speak
cupio, cuperedesire
aestimo, aestimareestimate, regard
puto, putarethink
invideo, invidereenvy
capio, caperecapture
deleo, deleredestroy
vinco, vincereconquer
sentio, sentirefeel
venio, venirecome/arrive
libero, liberareset free
moveo, moveremove
intellego, intellegereunderstand

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