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Can you name the psychologist that said this theory??

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TheoryPsychologistAdditional Theories/Information
Unconscious mind
Personality Theory--unconditional positive regard, congruence
'I think; therefore, I am.'
Hierarchy of Needs
Tabula rasa--the mind is shaped by experience
Two stimuli must differ by constant percentage, not amount (in order to perceive)
The Just Soul--you cannot answer the question of Nature vs. Nurture
Trichromatic (Three Color) Theory
Operant Conditioning
Dreams solve problems.
Dreams are self-centered.
Forgetting Curve
TheoryPsychologistAdditional Theories/Information
Classical Conditioning
Nativist; language is acquired through culture
Dreams are real life experiences
Collective/Personal Unconscious
Bounded Rationality
Cognitive Development
Attachment Types
Moral Development
Psychosocial Development
Stages of Grief
Nobody is 100% heterosexual.
Six Basic Emotions Theory

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