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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters on Mama's Family?

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The head of the family
Mama's only son
The wife of Mama's son, she's the head checker at Food Circus
Mama's grandson from the first two seasons
Mama's granddaughter from the first two seasons
Mama's oldest daughter
Mama's youngest daughter
Mama's grandson, who came to live with her after getting out of Juvenile Hall
Mama's granddaughter, who was introduced in the last episode
The nosy next door neighbord
The reverend
The reverend's wife
A night school teacher, Mama has a crush on him
A member of the CLL, many fat jokes are made on her behalf.
Mama's mama
The two best friends of Mama's grandson
Extremely youthful, plain looking police officer
The president of the CLL who proves to be illiterate
The annoying grandson of the reverend and his wife
Thelma's sister in law, who has a penchant for making rum balls
The mayor of Raytown
Their motto is 'We are helpers, kind and good!'
Mama's sister, played by Rue McClanahan
He guest starred on the show, playing himself.
The husband of Mama's youngest daughter
Involved in many plays at the Pepper Pot Playhouse
The first wife of Mama's only son

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