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Can you name the guess the glee character based on there description?

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Captain of the cherrio, used to be cold-hearted but grows out of it, strong voice but not given a chance to show it
this diva doesn't take no for an answer. Determined to win a chance at center stage,
used to be a goth that stutters but fell in love with mike and started dressing like an 80s go-go dancer
teacher of the new directions, old spanish teacher now history teacher, was broadway bound
never missis a chance to be in the spotlight, New directions strongest member,annoying but she grows to be loved by her fellow glee club members
top glee club dancer and a head football player, dated tina
bad boy younger version of puck who's a womanizer
known as the dumb one who ends up being the smartest person and getting into MIT , she is bisexual
sassy rich girl that isn't a main character but the one that started to trouble tones
quarterback of the football team and lead male singer of the new directions
bullied for being gay, great sense of style, best friends with rachel and mercedes
next generation captain cheerleader mean and cold-hearted that she grows out of
known as trouty mouth and becomes a model then the next leader of the glee club
openly gay, sings a lot of katy perry, boxes when stressed, and wears a lot of hair gel
known as the meanest but most popular cheerleader, hates rachel berry for a long time, she is lesbian
good girl who everyone loves and new star of glee club
not a main character but in it for 2-3 seasons and is a part of the peace choir
meanest character in glee, coach of the cherrios and has it our for will
Fell in love with Will and has a bad case of OCD
transgender boy how got bullied for that, best friends with marley
dyslexic football player who's in love with marley
bad boy always getting in trouble, star football player and is in love with quinn
has been in a wheelchair since he was 8 and dated brittany tina and kitty

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