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Real Name MutantPowers
Charles Francis XavierTelepathy
Alex SummersShot energy beams through his chest or hands
Erik LehnsherrTelekinesis but only with metal
Clarice FergusonTeleportation. Can focus powers through special crystals or form a shearing wave to slice targets to pieces
Armando MunozAdapt to survive
Ororo MonroeCan fly and has control over lightning
Jean GreyTelepathy and telekinesis
Anna MarieTake someone else's life by touching with her bare hands (Includes partial amount of time with a mutant's powers)
Rachel Anne GreyTelepathy and telekinesis (like mother)
Victor CreedCan grow his nails to create claws
Laura KinneySuperhuman tracking skills, heightened senses, healing factor, poison and fatigue immunity, and two adamantium-laced bone claws on each arm, with another on each foot
Scott SummersBeam of energy shots out of his eyes
Henry Philip 'Hank' McCoyFeet like hands and has super strength
Bobby DrakeIcy Powers and can turn into ice
Sebastian ShawCan absorb powerful forces (ex. bomb) and makes him young, can use the effects of the absorption power on enemies
Angel SalvadoreHas wings and spits fireballs
Wade WilsonCan never die, funny and sarcastic attitude
Raven DarkhölmeCan change into anyone in the universe
Real Name MutantPowers
Warren Worthington IIICan fly; has eagle-like vision
Nate GreyTelepathy and telekinesis
Gabriel SummersVast energy absorption, manipulation, transformation and projection, flight, force field projection and manipulation, life support and limited regeneration, variable energy blasts, limited superpower replication and repression, energy siphon and disruption, psionic resistance
Pietro Django Maximoff Very quick (quicker than time sometimes)
Bobby Da CostaAbsorption of solar energy provides super strength, energy blasts, and flight.
Cain MarkoSuperhuman strength & endurance
Jubilation LeePowers of a vampire
James ProdstarSuperhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, flight, and senses
Mortimer ToynbeeSuperhuman physical strength, prehensile tongue, and leaping
Rémy LeBeauCharges inanimate objects with explosive kinetic energy
Lucas BishopAbsorb different forms of energy
Kitty PrydeGo through solid objects and send people back through time mentally
Sean CassidyVery high screams that helps him fly
Piotr Nikolaievitch 'Peter' RasputinTransform into metal form; gets super strength
James 'Logan' HowlettClaws and instant healing
Nathan Christopher Charles SummersCan travel in time; telepathy & telekinesis
Emma FrostTelepathy, turns diamond form
Kurt WagnerTeleportation

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