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Host or Rules of the GameGame Show
Host: Bob Barker
Host: Alex Trebeck, The Daily Double
Two teams of undergrads competed for scholarships by answering science, literature, and math questions
Host: Allen Ludden. Celebrities such as Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence teamed up with contestants, using word association to guess the secret word.
had celebrity panelists guessing the occupation of the contestants. Each 'no' answer earned the contestant $5.
The first Pyramid was worth $10,000; by 1985, the prize was $100,000.
Host: Regis Philbin
Celebrities disguised themselves with silly masks and costumes. Contestants had to guess their true identities
Three contestants claim to be the same person. A celebrity panel asks them questions, and must guess who's telling the truth.
Two contestants had to match the words a celebrity panel used to fill in the blanks.
Couples married less than 2 years prove how much they really know about each other.
Host: Jeff Probst. 16-20 people stuck on an island
Four women were selected from the audience. Their task: to convince everyone that they are the most pathetic. The audience judged their sob stories with the applause-o-meter, and a
Families squared off to guess what 100 surveyed people answered to each question.
Two contestants in heated isolation booths answered questions, trying to get to 21 points first.
Contestants in the weirdest talent show on TV showed off their acts. A panel of celebrities awarded them points or 'gonged' them off the stage.
Players were 'pieces' on a life-sized board game, rolling the dice to move through the game and answering questions or performing stunts.
trade common objects for what's behind the curtain.
Celebrities seated in a tic-tac-toe grid answer questions (or bluff) while 'ad-libbing' jokes.
. Players matched what was hidden behind squares, revealing a rebus puzzle underneath. First to solve the rebus won the money and prizes.
Answer a silly question or perform a ridiculous stunt. This popular show is the only one with a town named after it
Dramatic show asked contestants a series of questions, worth from $1 to $64,000.
Contestants performed wacky, messy tasks in 60 seconds.
Hilarious trivia show. If anyone said the secret word, a duck floated down and awarded $100
Contestants spin the wheel for prize money which they earn by guessing letters in a phrase.
Host or Rules of the GameGame Show
Contestants guess the song in the least amount of time possible.
Celebrity panel tries to guess contestant's strange secret.
Single chose one of three bachelors or bachelorettes who are hidden from view.
Nickelodeon's first game show slimed contestants with incorrect answers.
Contestants answer trivia to win a chunk of Ben Stein's $5,000.
Three celebrity couples answered embarrassing questions to win prizes for the audience.
Featured a giant slot machine.
ESPN's trivia quiz about sports events of the past.
Husbands answered questions about their wives to win them prizes.
Celebrity charades show that won the Emmy.
MTV set this high-tech trivia game in a basement
Higher or lower? Contestants had to guess about the next card in the series.
Celebrity panel lies to contestants about a bizarre object.
Players compete for a chance to roll the big dice.
Host: Chuck Woolery. The board game comes to life.
Contestants bought low-priced prizes with their winnings.
Children's show inspired by #17
Related pairs play as teams to answer questions.
Forerunner to Iron Chef pairs chefs with contestants.
Charades game created by Burt Reynolds
Host: Johnny Carson. Early version of The Newlywed Game concept.
Children's show on PBS that quizzed contestants on geography.
Host: Art Linkletter. Goofy contestants performed bizarre stunts for prizes.
Couples pick a dream date from video.
You know the drill: Couples run through the aisles, grabbing as many goodies as they can before time runs out.

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