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Can you name the US President from the given clues?

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I was born in New Jersey and my nicknames was 'Uncle Jumbo.' I served 2 terms. During my presidency the Statue of Liberty was dedicated and the Chicago World's Fair occurred.
I was born in Pennsylvania and served in the War of 1812. I never married and one of my nicknames was 'Old Buck.' During my Presidency the Pony Express was established.
I was born in Illinois and attended Eureka College. An assasination attempt was made on my life. My nicknames was 'Dutch.' Iran-Contra Scandal occurred while I was president.
I was born in New Hampshire, served in the Mexican War. Lost my 3 children to early deaths. During my presidency the Gadsden Purchas and Kansas-Nebraska Act occurred.
I was born in Arkansas and my nickname was 'Bubba.' I served 2 terms and I was impeached. The Oklahoma City federal building terrorist bombing occurred during my presidency.
I was born in Hawaii, nickname was 'Barry.' I received a law degree from Harvard. During my presidency I signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act.
I was born in Missouri, my most famous quote is, 'The buck stops here.' I was president during the Korean War. During my presidency the UN was created and the Cold War began.
I was born in Connecticut , have a degree in history and an MBA. I'm a fighter pilot. During my presidency the terrorist attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center occurred.
I was born in Kentucky, served in the Black Hawk War. First US President to be assassinated. My likeness is on the penny. I gave the Gettysburg Address.
I was born in Nebraska and served in WWII. I was not elected by the people to be the US President. Two assassination attempts were made on my life. I pardoned President Nixon.
I was born in South Carolina, but Tennessee was my home state. I served in 3 wars including the American Revolution. I owned slaves and killed Charles Dickinson in a duel.
I was born in Iowa. I was the first millionaire president and owned silver mines. My wife and I spoke fluent Chinese. During my presidency the stock market crashed.
I was born in Georgia, was the first president born in a hospital. I won a Nobel Peace Prize. During my presidency Iran Hostage occurred and I pardoned Vietnam War draft evaders.
I was born in California. I was president during the Vietnam War. During my presidency Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, I visited China and the Watergate Scandal occurred.

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