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'Yeah, um, you've got a lot of people going to the Olympics. Just curious, what country will they be representing? The state of _______?'
'Call me!' '___ ____'
'You know boys?' 'Yeah they're called ______ you should try it sometime'
'They're fakers, that's what! I can't stand fake Haley-haters! WE HATE HALEY MORE, PEOPLE, ___ ____ __ _____'
'Hey, you piss where I eat , you don't eat' 'Oh, but you do? Does this mean you're _______ my piss? Cause that's disgusting.'
'It's not called gym-____-sticks'
'Why you always gotta _____ my moment'
'holds both hands together up in the rock 'n roll sign] Too much ____ ____ ____ ____, baby!'
'Put me down _____!'
[Joanne]'What do they have that we dont?'...[wei wei] ''_____'' [Mina] ''_____' .....[Haley] ''______'
'Lose the hat!' 'lose the ____''
If you think that I'm getting on this competition floor with some stupid, watered down, ____-____ routine, you are seriously _____.'
'If your gonna eat mat your gonna ____ ____ ____'
'Yes, I'm so jealous of Joanne that I've already memorized her ________ beam routine'
''I said pointy feet, not pointy words! _____ _____ ___ ______ ____.'
''Man, she's got an _____ butt'
''Dalmatians are born with ____ they don't earn them which is exactly my point.'
''Uh, sorry. I accidentally ______ all my leotards last year. Hope this is okay!'
''Whats with all the ______-_______? I'm not mute!'
''I can hear you!...And ill _____ ____!'

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