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to acquire
to play; to enjoy oneself
to notice
to lean; to press
to arrive
to sit down
to reach
to beat
to boil
to start; to begin
to conclude
to continue; to go on
to sew
to fear
to create
to shout
to grow; to increase
to pick
to manage
to go down
to become
to move
to be bored
to hear
to come in; to go in
to hope
to switch off
to almost do
to flee
to hate
to forbid
to join
to lift
to curse
to lie
to go up; to take up
to bite
to grind
to be born
to clean
to obey
to appear
to paint
to protect
to think; to reflect
to go back; to go in
to solve; to resolve
to stay
to return; to turn
to be successful
to come back
to break; to split up
to smell; to feel
to serve; to be of use to
to go out; to take out
to be in pain; to suffer
to remember
to be enough
to follow
to stop talking
to milk
to defeat
to dress
to address as 'vous'
to lower
to strike
to calm
to forestall
to kiss
to hit; to strike
to grow
to venture
to immolate
to judge
to kidnap
to divide
to mollify
to deny
to dare
to pray
to leave
to solicit
to undergo
to mow
to machine
to transfer
to zigzag
to bark
to bridle
to conceal
to disperse
to invade
to charge; to sink
to nibble
to shake
to charge (accuse)
to swear
to honk/toot
to miss out on
to mimic

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