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QUIZ: Can you name the Athlete from this riddle?

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I wear orange and black and am very loud I am the man who 'Created Twitter'
I am very tall and shoot the ball I went to high school in Ohio but now play in Miami
I crashed my SUV and swing a club but am normally in front of the pack at the Masters
I run a lot and I am very fast I'm not from America but wear green and yellow
I wear number 13 and have played for three teams I also tested positive for HGH
I am retired and was one of the greatest to play the game and I could jump real high and I won 6 Wrings
I retired and came back three times but people may now me as a Wisconsin man but recently i have been from New York to Minnesota
I played for the green team and shot many baskets I love it in Boston and enjoy my many Wrings I have won there
I led my team from bad to good and love it hear in the Who Dat' Nation
I won many fights and was a Champ but I was none for more things such as biting flesh

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