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what are primary organs
what builds bone
musosiliary escalator?
cardiovascular is a ______ system
antigenic drift
age related changes in respiratory system
skin is due to ____
whats the cause of parkinsons
secondary organs are for ___-
function of skin?
what is the cancer of the immune system which must be treated with chemotherapy
which type of exercise is the best type
3 types of arthritis
what causes wrinkles
layers of the skin
how do you get atherosclerosis
treatments for cad
whats an age related change in cvs?
inflammation of joints. redness and swelling and pain in joints, autoimmune
disorders of copd
what are the 3 r's of vaccination
primary organs are for ___ of cells
risk factors for cvd
what breaks bone down
what causes hair to turn gray
where can you get pneumonia
what muscle surrounds the heart
most common. 'wear and tear'
what are the three types of muscle?
which type of arthritis is the sudden attack of burning, swelling, and pain in joints
what muscle lines the digestive system
what fats are atherogenic
what are the 3 types of skeletal muscle
vericose veins indicate the vein walls are?
antigenic shift?
drugs heart patients might take
symptoms of hypertension?
what fats are healthy?
whos more at risk of osteoporosis
what are secondary organs?
abcdes of skin cancer

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