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Can you name the Most popular flash games from 2008-2010?

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Brief DescriptionGame
Pop all the balloons with your monkey equipped with darts.
Jump cars and other obstacles with your dirt bike in this 2-D side-scrolling game.
Shoot your enemy by calculating the correct angle and power of your bow.
Create wacky, impossible courses for yourself to fly down, ramp off, or just draw amazing pieces of artwork.
A monkey and some darts versus an army of balloons.
A series of puzzles to solve by teleporting your character and simple objects through the map.
Keep yourself from touching the edges or the walls by tapping the mouse to go up, or letting go to go down.
Smack the penguin as far as you can by timing your swing.
Shoot the animal as far as you can by bouncing him off TNT, trampolines, and nukes.
Dodge blocks of different colors by pressing the left and right arrow keys.
Be a ninja in this game by jumping off walls and dodging lasers.
Try to throw the paper into the trash can by judging the wind.
Destroy the guards and the king in this destructive game.
Drop your artwork onto the ball to maneuver it to collect the discs.
Brief DescriptionGame
Eliminate the red blocks in this addictive game.
Try to beat your opponent by spinning the ball and bouncing it off the sides.
An online version of a popular family fun time which involves hitting a tiny ball into a hole. May include difficult obstacles to maneuver around.
A game that involves you starting up your own business with a few dollars and making yourself rich. You create the recipe and edit prices daily.
Teaches you how to drive properly.
You are a capsule that flies through the air by clicking a spot and shooting a rope that your capsule holds on to. You move with the momentum gained from the rope swinging.
A baseball game similar to Backyard Baseball.
A drag racing game where you can buy and upgrade cars.
You are a tank trying to kill another tank.
Online role playing game where you get a job and earn intelligence by going to school to get promoted.
An online game where you play against others. Pick up weapons and try to kill your opponents.
Try not to let intruders infiltrate your castle by picking them up and dropping them, or throw them to their death.
You have a team of 3-6 players and compete against others online to eliminate their team using grenades, rocket launchers, and rifles.
You are a hedgehog, try to collect the rings, avoid monsters, and get to the end.

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