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QUIZ: Can you name the Things That Are Green?

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GenreGreen Thing
Plant on ground
Animal that eats flies
Animal that lived a long, long time ago
Plant under the sea
Tells you when to 'go'
Gives plants their color
Food for Popeye
Villian in Spiderman
Military branch
Food, long and stalky
Food in salad
Plant that grows on rocks
Writing Utensil used by kindergarteners
Food put in martinis
Plant used for plywood
Plant found on trees
Writing Utensil for artists
GenreGreen Thing
Food put in limeade
Plant used for medicine or smoked
Animal with no legs
Food for fresh breath
Food with seeds and very watery
Animal with a shell
Chocolatey sperical candy
Mythical creature that breathes fire
Plant that pandas eat
Spice to keep vampires away
Food used by Dr. Seuss
Character that fights evil villians such as Lord Zedd
Spicy food
Superhero in Marvel
GenreGreen Thing
Character who stole Christmas
Juicy fruit, most commonly purple
Character who you shouldn't make angry
Plant in front of houses
Gaming map on Cod4
Gas Company
Book/Movie with a giant
Sour food
Prickly plant
Highly trained military personnel
Mythical creature who brings luck
Plant that brings luck
Plant that is annoying to people
Superhero, poison plant
Baseball team with green uniforms
Soccer Movie
Food that eaten once a day keeps the doctor away
Animal with 100 feet
Character in Monsters Inc.
GenreGreen Thing
Vegetable to put peanut butter on
Food that is gummi
Green soda from the mountain
Plant on undersea rocks
Water animal that is caught and eaten
Plant that is beautiful
Food made of a lot of lettuce
Food that comes in green, red, orange, and yellow
Tree-like food
Food with hair
Small spherical food
Character from Dragonball Z
Term for Good Planter
Wall at Fenway Park
French for Green
Spanish for Green
Color from mixing blue and yellow

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