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General DescriptionGame
Children stand in a circle, hold hands, and walking slowly around chanting a song. At the end they all fall down.
Children sit in a circle and the person who is 'it' walks around tapping the others on the head. When someone is 'tagged' they get up and chase the 'it' person around the circle.
Put your right leg in, put your right leg out, put your left leg in and shake it all about!
An item is tossed that is considered to be 'hot,' they toss the item to eachother and the last person holding it when they music stops is out.
There are chairs around in a circle and children walk around them until they hear the music stop, then they all try to sit down. The person standing is out.
Two teams of children are both put in lines, holding hands. The first team to go sends one of theirs to try to break through the other team's barrier.
Once a child is tagged they are 'stuck' in that spot until another child tags them or crawls under their legs. Then they are free to play again.
General DescriptionGame
One player is 'it.' Other players are supposed to find a creative way to hide themselves from the 'it' person.
A drawing is drawn on concrete with boxes in a line, sometimes two boxes are put together. Children attempt to jump into these boxes and get to the other side without messing up.
Each team has to try to steal the other teams flag without being caught. First team to get the other teams flag onto their side wins.
There is a king, queen, prince, and joker. Each symbolizes a box. A ball is served by the king and each player tries to get the others out by making the ball bounce twice. You move
All players except 7 put their heads down and place their thumbs in the air. The seven players that are up each touch someones thumb. After all players have tagged someone the tagg
One person tells the others what to do by using a catchphrase. If players do something without the catchphrase being said they are out.

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