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A label given to a literary work whose main purpose is to give guidance in moral, ethical, or religious matters
Quality of being intentionally unclear
Ex: much of the spoken language in Huckleberry Finn
A poem, play, or story that celebrates and idealizes a simple life
The opposite of parallel construction
Language describing ideas and qualities rather than specific things. people, or places
Ex: 'she passed away' as opposed to 'she died'
An error in diction caused by the substitution of one word for another similar in sound but different in meaning
Ex: All hands on deck
A harsh combination of sounds
Narrow in point of view or approach
An emotional cleansing through expression of emotion
The use of humor to ridicule and expose the shortcomings and failings of society
The quality of a literary work which appeals to emotion
An element within a story that is out of its time frame
Figure of speech where the subject is not alive
Latin for 'in the middle of things'
A sentence that delivers its point at the end
A smooth, pleasant arrangement of sounds
A witty, pointed, terse saying
A protagonist who carries the action of the literary piece but does not embody the classic characteristics of courage, strength and nobility
The events following the resolution of the final conflict of the plot
The use of a proper noun as a common name
A word or group of words used to characterize a person.

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