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Can you name the answers to these clues about Tennessee?

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Tennessee earned this nickname during the War of 1812
This capitol city was the first Confederate capitol to fall to the Union.
This most populous city is mentioned in over 1000 songs of popular music.
This was the Host City of the 1982 World's Fair
This national park, shared with North Carolina, is the nation's most visited.
Geographically speaking, this is the highest point in the state.
This native Tennessean won the Medal of Honor during the First World War. Gary Cooper portrayed him on film.
This 1st President from Tennessee defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.
This 2nd President from Tennessee sign the papers to annex Texas.
This 3rd President from Tennessee was the first to be impeached.
This Nashville college is the home of the Jubilee Singers.
This is Tennessee's professional football team (although you wouldn't know it by the way they've been playing).
This home of Andrew Jackson is now a museum.
Elvis Presley's named his Memphis home...
This Tennessee Sipping Whiskey is made in Lynchburg
This live radio broadcast has been on the air since the 1920s
This television icon got her start as the first black female news anchor on WLAC in Nashville.
A replica of this ancient building stands in Nashville
A popular 1940s song about a train bound for a Tennessee city.
This body of water was created by the 1812 New Madrid earthquake.
This underground waterfall is America's highest.
This Nashville factory was built specifically to manufacture the Les Paul guitar.
A statue of this African American author stands in Knoxville.
This legendary Tennessee frontiersman died at the Alamo.
This Memphis recording studio hosted Elvis, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King, to name a few.
This popular Memphis street is known for its Blues joints.
Oak Ridge was one of the sites of this World War II endeavor.
A sad part of Tennessee history, this organization was founded following the Civil War to promote white interests.
The Lorraine Motel in Memphis was the site of this civil rights leader's assassination.
To end on a happy note, the Chattanooga Bakery is the home of this iconic southern confection.

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