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Can you name the fiction films about Hollywood and/or filmmaking?

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Year ReleasedTitleStar and Keywords
1995John Travolta - gangster
1973Francois Truffaut - French
1950William Holden - pool
1991John Turturro - screenwriter
1989Kevin Bacon - film school grad
1994Kevin Spacey - revenge
2006Catherine O'Hara - Purim
1990Meryl Streep - autobiographical Fisher
2000William H. Macy - small town
1992Tim Robbins - snake
Year ReleasedTitleStar and Keywords
1986Alan Alda - American Revolution
1999Steve Martin - guerilla
1952Gene Kelly - talkies
1963Marcello Mastroianni - Italy
1995Steve Buscemi - indy
1987Robert Townsend - racial sterotype
2008Jack Black - video store
1994Johnny Depp - Plan 9
1997Mark Wahlberg - porn
2002Nicholas Cage - twins

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