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Can you name the words that begin with the letters MAC based on the clues?

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A raincoat made of rubberized cloth.
An Australian tree nut.
A medieval weapon comprised of a spiked ball on a chain.
Tubular pasta often paired with cheese.
A Chinese region and former Portuguese colony.
A measure of velocity based on the speed of sound.
A kind of parrot.
Author of The Prince.
A rapidly repeating firearm.
The site of an ancient Incan city.
American Modernist poet and dramatist. J.B. is among his works.
A large knife used to cut sugar cane or clear underbrush.
Prefix from the Greek meaning 'large' or 'excessive.'
The Scottish play.
A country in southern Europe.
The members of the Hasmonean family of Jewish leaders, reigning in Judah in the 2nd century BC.
Gruesome. Horrible. Grim.
Holy Answer, Batman! It's a North Atlantic food fish!
An Asian and East Indian monkey.
A cookie made of almond and coconut.

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