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Can you name the Christmas movies and TV specials these headlines might come from ?

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Community Sing-Along Continues Despite Robbery
Sanity Hearing for 'Kris Kringle' To Be Held Today
IBC Boss Interrupts Live Broadcast
New York Cop Thwarts Nakatomi Terrorists
Juvenile Delinquents Star in Nativity Play
Authorities Rescue Boy Stuck to Flagpole
Chicago Man Causes Power Outage with Christmas Lights
Imperial Troops Disrupt Life Day Celebrations
Mutant Reindeer Helps Santa Deliver Sub-Standard Toys
Burglars Foiled by 8-Year-Old Boy
Ruby Deagle, 71, Dead After Chair Malfunction
Pumpkin King Impersonates Santa
Police Searching for Dad who Believes He's Santa
Santa and Elf Arrested After Gimbel's Brawl
Man Dressed as Santa on Killing Rampage
Dog Wins Christmas Lights and Display Contest
Harry Bailey Awarded Medal of Honor
Clockmaker Seeks Santa's Forgiveness
Toys Found in Stockings Defy Burgermeister Order
Village Traffic Cop Swallows Whistle

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