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Can you name the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign mission Names?

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The first mission. After Thanksgiving but before Wednesday.
You play as Frost 
Recreational sport and way to get food. Assassin.
You play as Frost 
Latin for 'An Unwelcome Person'
You play as Yuri 
Pocket of air that causes a plane to shake.
You play as Andrei Harkov 
Back online. Location of Tron.
You play as Yuri 
Yes or no saves or kills the Davis family.
You play as Marcus Burns 
Soccer. Embarrassing to hit it with the ball, miss the goal by inches. hit the ________.
You play as Frost 
Sometimes stamped on a package.
You play as Yuri 
After killing a deer, you ___ and ____ it out of the woods.
You play as Frost 
Think of the Statue of Liberty, just not copper.
You play as Frost, AC130 Gunner 
Middle of a hurricane.
You play as Yuri 
To swap blood to add a male to your family and to make a sibling.
You play as Yuri 
Non weak grip.
You play as Yuri 
Burnt soil.
You play as Frost 
Alice fell down a hole and met a ______ with a pocket watch.
You play as Yuri 
____ to ____. rhymes with rust, lust.
You play as Captain Price 

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