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Snow covered landscape. Good for snipers and long range firefights. 
Streets of Vietnam. Close engagements in and out of war-torn buildings. 
Hidden missile facility in Cuba. Intense indoor and outdoor battles. 
Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games. 
Soviet intelligence station. Fantastic Headquarters matches. 
Fight in the infamous prison camp. Fierce Capture the Flag matches. 
Cuban city. An abundance of tactical street fights. 
Great vertical gameplay along a river valley in Vietnam. 
Perfect for any game mode. 
Nuclear testing grounds. Lots of fast paced action. Popular quick-scoping map. 
Uranium processing plant. Excellent objective gameplay. 
Research facility on a snowy mountain. Fight from all angles. 
Cuban estate. Good corridors for long range firefights. 
Abandoned Soviet base. Perfect for team games. 

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