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How many main characters are there?Easy
Who's the Head of Sixth Form?Easy
Who learned to drive first?Easy
Who works at Thorpe Park?Easy
How many series are there?Easy
How many episodes are there in each series?Easy
Who has Simon 'Lusted' after since he was 8?Easy
Who in the group is known for constantly lying?Easy
What is Jay's last name?Easy
Complete this famous Will saying 'You ___der!'Easy
What is Simon's last name?Easy
Who's the school hard nut?Easy
Will carries around what with him at school?Easy
Who of the group is pretty dumb?Easy
Name of Simon's girlfriend in Series 3?Easy
What age rating is The Inbetweeners Series?Medium
Where is the Movie set?Medium
Who does Jay hook up with in the Movie?Medium
Where does Jay go Caravanning?Medium
Why is Neil annoyed at The Charity Fashion Show?Medium
Who did Mr. Kennedy reportedly mastuarbate over in the cupboard at school?Medium
What's does Jay nickname his car?Medium
What did he lose a game of 'Chicken' with?Medium
What don't Tara's parents like which Simon does?Medium
Who plays Will McKenzie?Medium
What does Jay attempt to find in Swanage?Medium
Who's mother is called Polly?Medium
In the movie, Will's eventual girlfriend has a boyfriend, what's his name?Medium
How many reasons does SImon give in an attempt to not show Will around in Episode 1?Medium
Mr. Gilbert is played by whom?Medium
What is the full name of Simon's car? (Make and Model)Hard
What alternate name for Wills mum does Jay order lager under in episode 5, series 3?Hard
Who does Wills mum go away with in 'Will is Home Alone'? Hard
What was Wills Facebook password after Jay & Simon changed it?Hard
Who plays Andrew Cooper, Simons brother?Hard
What order do the boys throw up in during the final ever episode? (Names)Hard
What song was playing when Neil & Jay took Will on a 'Pussy Patrol'? (Song and Artist)Hard
What was the TV Mistake in the Thorpe Park episode?Hard
What was the new girls name in episode 2, series 2?Hard
What did Neil do that made the coach laugh in episode 2, series 2?Hard
Who's suit does Will borrow to enable him to buy alcohol in 'Bunk Off'?Hard
What does the bumper sticker on SImon's car say in 'Will's Dillemma'Hard
What did Will think he was in after taking driugs in 'The Gig and the Girlfriend'?Hard
Who plays Donovan?Hard
Whats Mr. Kennedy's first name?Hard

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