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What is Leonard considered after his less than brilliant first date with Penny?
What is his IQ? (If Sheldon's is 187)
Who does Leonard often run back to if in need of a relationship or 'rebound sex'?
What medical condition does Leonard suffer from?
At what event does Leonard first kiss Penny?
Who's sister does Leonard date?
After seeing Leonard consider purchasing after seeing Penny kissing Doug?
What 2 names does he decide between when trying to name it? (Note: He eventually doesn't get one.)
After Sheldon cleans Penny's apartment whilst she's sleeping, what does Leonard say he'll hold up whenever someone is sarcastic to him?
Is Leonard shorter OR taller than Howard?
What does Leonard say once he realises Howard and Raj were spying on him with Penny? (Series 2, Episode 1.)
What does Leoonard become UNLESS he sits in the front seat of a car?
What is Leonard's middle name?
What's Leonard's mother's name?
How old was Leonard when he recieved his Ph.D from the University?

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