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Well theres a man i know, at least i used to years ago
I'm trying very hard to keep my fingers clean, i can't remember tell me what's his name?
Think of 7 letters, begin and end in C, like a big American car but misspelt with a D
Here comes the boat, only half afloat
A toothbrush and hairspray, plastic grin, Miss Clay of all corners has just walked in.
Teacher comes to break it up, back of the 'ed with a plastic cup
How lucky we are to be free, and we take for granted, life and country.
I bought it from Primrose Hill, from a bloke from Brazil
it wasn't me either i'm just his mate, he told me to stand here and watch the gate.
Sisters sighing in her sleep, brothers got a date to keep he can't hang around
Giving her my utmost, spilling out my deepest feelings
He was just a boy...
I never thought i'd feel this way, the way i do, about you.
Buster he sold the heat, with a rocksteady beat
Hey. don't watch that!, watch this, this is the heavy heavy monster sound

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