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Can you name the the different Objects used in PI?

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Used to contain Configuration Objects in ID for a particular scenario?
Contains Mapping objects for all related namespaces?
Contains all Configuration data?
Contains all Mapping/Transformation data?
Contains Sender, Receiver and Operation Mapping used?
Contains which Communication Channel to use for Sending data?
Used by PI to connect to non-SAP systems
Object used to determine the receiver?
Used for monitoring messages, in IE and AE
Integration Engine is part of the?
What engine is used by the BPM?
When connecting to a Web Service, what type of Adapter can be used?
When connecting to an EBP that sends and receives EDI messages, what type of Adapter can be used?
What is the next step in the pipeline after XML Validation?
What is the pipeline step before the Technical Routing?
What does PI stand for?
What is the usual back end system for the PI interfaces?
For PI-XML message, which part contains the actual business data?
PI only processes messages in _____ format
Is the basic unit for defining the structure of the data for a message type?

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