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QUIZ: Can you name the Classes of Enzymes?

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DefinitionClass Name
Transfer of functional groups
Hydrolysis reactions (single bond cleavage via addition of H2O)
Group elimination to form a double bond or break a single bond while forming a double bond
Isomerization (intramolecular rearrangements)
Bond formation coupled to ATP hydrolysis
Transfer a hydride ion
Transfer of phosphate (phosphoryl group) between any compound and the adenylates (AMP, ADP, ATP)
DefinitionClass Name
Transfer of an amino group between compounds
Hydrolysis of a single bond between compound and a phosphate group producing inorganic phosphate
Hydrolysis of peptide bond
Hydrolysis of glycosidic bond
Breaking of a double bond of one compound and concomitant formation of a single bond with a second compound to form a new single compound .
The apparent migration of a functional group from one position on a compound to another position on the same compound
Formation of a bond joining two compounds to make one compound at the expense of ATP (or GTP hydrolysis

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