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A jabbing motion with both hands thrust out directly in front of the body.
Clasping the opposite wrist with your other hand, in front of the chest.
Striking either knee with the open palm of the hand keeping both skates on the ice.
Clinched fists extending from the chest in a forward motion parallel to one another
Fist clenched and arm extended out of the side of the body.
A tugging motion with both arms, as if pulling something from in front of the stomach.
Open palms extending from the chest in a forward motion parallel to one another
The flat part of hand patted on head.
Rotating clenched fists around one another in front of the chest.
A clenched fist hitting the open palm of the opposite hand in front of the chest
A chopping motion with the edge of one hand across the opposite forearm.
Striking (or passing) the right leg with the right hand below the knee
Making a 'T' with both hands, also known as the timeout signal
Crossed arms with closed fists stationary in front of the chest.
Arms crossed above the head
Holdings both fists clenched, one immediately above the other at the height of the shoulders.
Arm extended pointing directly at the goal net
Tapping either elbow with the other hand.

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