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Can you name the missing words from the musical train of thought?

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Song titleMissing wordArtist
Absent _______The Divine Comedy
____ on to your ___[1]____Morrissey
__[2]__ __Tom Waits
_[3]_ a _____ like thisBob Dylan
_______ Saturday ___[4]__Cat Stevens
____[5]___ ___Paul McCartney
A __[6]_ in the ____The Beatles
__[7]__ on ____?David Bowie
____ from __[8]__Ash
__[9]__s and ____Blur
__[10]__ don't ___The Cure
__[11]_ me a _____Justin Timberlake
___[12]__ ___Nick Drake
__[13]_ in _____Johnny Cash
Song titleMissing wordArtist
___[14]__ ____Radiohead
__[15]__ _____Muse
___[16]__ Aircraft on ____The Auteurs
__[17]__ in my _____The Len Price 3
___[18]__ of ____Neil Young
__[19]__en _____The Stranglers
___[20]__ _____The Rolling Stones
___[21]__ ____Bob Dylan
__[22]__ ____Ray Charles and Billy Joel
___[23]__ _____[UK Sporting Theme Tune]
___[24]__ by __Ben E King
_[25]_ and _ABBA
_[26] _[25]_ ____The Beatles

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