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Can you name the major transfers for Man United in the Alex Ferguson era?

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Month/yearPlayer signedPosition, club & price
July 1987Defender, Arsenal - 250,000
Jul 1987Striker, Celtic - 850,000
Dec 1987Defender, Norwich, 825,000
June 1988Goalkeeper, Aberdeen, 450,000
June 1988Winger, Torquay, 185,000
June 1988Striker, Barcelona, 1.8 Million
Oct 1988Full back, Luton, 650,000
Nov 1988Midfielder, Bristol City, 175,000
June 1989Goalkeeper, Croatia Sydney
July 1989Midfielder, Norwich, 750,000
July 1989Midfielder, Nottm For, 1.5 Million
Aug 1989Defender, Middlesbro, 2.3 Million
Sep 1989Midfielder, West Ham, 2.4 Million
Sep 1989Winger, Southampton, 1.3 Million
June 1990Goalkeeper, Luton
June 1990Full back, Oldham, 625,000
July 1990Winger, England Schoolboys
May 1991Winger, Shakhtar Donetsk, 650,000
July 1991Winger, Essex Schoolboys
July 1991Midfielder, Greater Manchester Schoolboys
July 1991Full back, Manchester Schoolboys
July 1991Midfielder, Rochdale Schoolboys
Aug 1991Goalkeeper, Brondby, 600,000
Aug 1991Full back, QPR, 1.7 Million
Aug 1992Striker, Cambridge, 1 Million
Nov 1992Striker, Leeds, 1.2 Million
Jan 1993Goalkeeper, Aston Villa
July 1993Midfielder, Nottm For, 3.75 Million
July 1993Midfielder, England Schoolboys
Month/yearPlayer signedPosition, club & price
June 1994Defender, Blackburn, 1.25 Million
Jan 1995Striker, Newcastle, 7 Million
July 1996Defender, Greater Manchester Boys
July 1996Goalkeeper, Vitesse Arnhem, 500,000
July 1996Defender, Besiktas, 1.2 Million
July 1996Striker, Molde, 1.5 Million
July 1996Winger, Slavia Prague, 3.5 Million
Aug 1996Midfielder, Barcelona, 1.4 Million
June 1997Striker, Tottenham, 3.5 Million
Aug 1997Defender, Blackburn, 5 Million
March 1998Winger, York City, 750,000
July 1998Defender, PSV Eindhoven, 10.75 Million
Aug 1998Winger, AC Parma, 4.4 Million
Aug 1998Striker, Aston Villa, 12.6 Million
Aug 1999Midfielder, Trainee
Aug 1999Winger, Atletico Madrid, 1.5 Million
Aug 1999Goalkeeper, Venezia, 4.5 Million
Sep 1999Defender, Internazionale, 4 Million
May 2000Goalkeeper, Monaco, 7.8 Million
June 2001Striker, PSV Eindoven, 19 Million
July 2001Midfielder, Lazio, 28.1 Million
July 2001Goalkeeper, Wigan, 2.5 Million
Aug 2001Defender, Internazionale, Free Transfer
Jan 2002Striker, Independiente, 7.5 Million
July 2002Defender, Leeds, 30 Million
June 2003Striker, Sunderland, 2 Million
July 2003Midfielder, Nantes, 4.2 Million
July 2003Goalkeeper, NJ/NY Metro Stars, 2.3 Million
Aug 2003Winger, Sporting Lisbon, 12.24 Million
Month/yearPlayer signedPosition, club & price
Aug 2003Midfielder, Paranaense, 5.93 Million
Jan 2004Striker, Fulham, 12.82 Million
May 2004Striker/Midfielder, Leeds, 7 Million
June 2004Full back, Paris St Germain, 6.9 Million
July 2004Defender, Barcelona, Undisclosed
Aug 2004Striker, Everton, 27 Million
June 2005Goalkeeper, Fulham, 2 Million
July 2005Winger, PSV Eindhoven, 4.5 Million
Sep 2005Goalkeeper, Stoke, Undisclosed
Jan 2006Defender, Spartak Moscow, Undisclosed
Jan 2006Full back, Monaco, Undisclosed
July 2006Midfielder, Tottenham, 18.6 Million
Jan 2007Striker, Helsingborgs, Loan
June 2007Winger, Sporting Lisbon, 14 Million
July 2007Midfielder, Bayern Munich, 17 Million
July 2007Midfielder, FC Porto, Undisclosed
July 2007Goalkeeper, West Brom, Undisclosed
Aug 2007Striker, Third Party, Loan
Jan 2008Full back, Fluminense, 5.2 Million (combined)
Jan 2008Full back, Fluminense, 5.2 Million (combined)
Sep 2008Striker, Tottenham, 30.75 Million
July 2009Winger, Wigan, Undisclosed
July 2009Striker, Newcastle, Free
July 2009Winger, Bordeaux, 3 Million
July 2010Defender, Fulham, 7 Million
July 2010Striker, Guadalajara, 6 Million
Aug 2010Striker, Vitoria de Guimaraes, 7.4 Million

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