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J151Briefly outline two causes of Xerxes’ expedition against Greece.
J160-J167Candidates could look at either a collection of cacti, or flowering plants and make initial recordings through drawing or photography
J196Name three weekday activities that the merchants do on the Sabbath, according to lines 1-2.
J230Apart from usernames and passwords, state two other methods which could be used to restrict access to the head office computer network.
J253Recommend a promotional campaign, aimed at 14 – 16 year olds, for the new leisure centre.
J269Should our school, community or local authority support prisoners of conscience?
J280To what extent did the use of stage machinery improve the quality of the play for an ancient Greek audience?
J291How did Medea take advantage of Aegeus' failure to recognise Theseus when he came to Athens?
J301If the handle of the hand drill is rotated at 50 RPM calculate the rotation speed of the drill bit.
J302The Government are concerned about the health of the nation. Discuss how manufacturers have responded to this.
J303(a) Name one method of mass communication that could be used and easily updated to give information about the 2012 Olympics.
J304Name three cutting tools you would use in the school workshop to make the fixing plate shown in Fig. 1.
J305Give three design features of television remote controls.
J306Give two advantages of using a manufactured board rather than solid wood for the table.
J307List two reasons why denim is a suitable fabric to make the jeans from.
J315[The examination paper, containing a script extract and a stimulus item will be sent to Centres in the autumn term prior to the year of examination.]
J733You are cycling in the countryside. You see this sign. Te koop: AARDBEIEN. What is for sale?
J320Describe how world trade has grown between 1995 and 2005.
1900Continue from this point, exploring the feelings of TWO different people as they go down the corridor towards the door, either at the same time or at different times.
1901Compare the ways in which, in these two poems, Plath and Ellis write about the attitude of an adult towards a very young child.
J370What does Paul say about how he became a campsite organiser?
J380Explain why hot deserts are classed as extreme environments.
J731Why does Georg think his friends are easily impressed?
J734You’ve been on holiday with your family to Gujarat but had a bad experience in the place where you stayed and you write a letter of complaint.
J406/J412Give one effect on a service user of being shouted at regularly.
codeexam subjectspecimen question
J415Do these sources prove that by the 1870s surgery had improved little since the time of Pare? Use the sources and your knowledge to explain your answer.
J417Are you surprised that this photograph was published in 1968? Use details of the photograph and your knowledge to explain your answer.
J441Give four items of safety equipment that can be used in the kitchen.
J431Vitamin C is often lost during the preparation and cooking of fruit and vegetables. Give three ways of reducing this loss.
J445State two similarities of the two types of elections in Fig. A
1994Describe how a chart or graph is created to show the use of the car parks over a period of one year.
J281frustra: why would Aeneas’ attack not have worked, if he had attempted it?
J485Identify three powers which the police have under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 from the list below.
J444/J488State two skills required to be a ski instructor.
J444/J488Name one specific tool or item of equipment you have used to manufacture a product and describe how to use it safely.
J512Calculate 72 out of 225 as a percentage.
J526Explain two ways in which the characters and/or events in the extract fit the action adventure genre.
J535Name the first percussion instrument that plays and describe the rhythm.
J735You’ve been on holiday with your family to Iran but had a bad experience in the place where you stayed and you write a letter of complaint.
J586Name one long term effect of exercise on the heart and the lungs. Describe how this effect enables people to follow an active, healthy lifestyle.
J736Djalma talks about his summer holiday. Listen to the interview and answer the questions in English.
J611Explain what is meant by cultural bias in research.
J620Name two ways in which the laity might support the Monastic Sangha.
J621What are the main scientific theories concerning how the world and humanity began?
J650Describe how you would use this apparatus to weigh a guinea-pig accurately.
J643How could you tell, by looking at an X-ray of a bone, whether a person was still growing?
J644Write about how detergents work. Your answer should include the structure of a detergent molecule.
J645Describe what happens to the nucleus of the Uranium atom when an alpha particle is emitted.
J696Identify and explain two ethical issues associated with “doing covert observation on criminal friends”.
J732How does Pedro feel about leaving his dogs behind when on tour?

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