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Can you name the people, places etc. in Virgil's Aeneid Book 6?

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Used to rule area around Rome794
Mountain with a lofty summit804
City of the Trojans650
Marsh by the pools of the Cocytus323
Another name for the shadowy underworld404
Sea which will be conquered798
River whose waters make you forget705
Three-headed dog417
Name for musical priest645
Name for Sibyl398
Great-spirited hero650
Sandy river297
Range of mountains830
Far-flung places who will be part of extended empire794
River that winds round nine times439
Other hero who came down to the underworld393
River with confused whirlpool295
Far-flung places who will be part of extended empire794
Founder of Troy650
Drove his chariot with vine-tendril reins804
Another great-spirited hero650
Inquisitor and urn-shaker432
Important figure in ancient race of Troy648
Region of the underworld for bad people295
Her uncle is Hades402
Roman name for Hades397
Strong and devoted hero317
Land to be conquered798
Minotaur-conqueror who came down to the underworld393
Made to tremble by Hercules's bow803
Hero's father322
Father of Hercules392
Sevenfold river800
Descendant of a god, who will found a golden age792
Area around Rome793
His groves were pacified803

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