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Can you place the name of the right guy mentioned in the pop song?

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HintAnswerSong Title
ABBA asked him if he could hear the drums
According to Jimmy Dean, you didn't give no lip to this big, bad fella
With eyes so blue, Blondie had a crush on him
Paul Simon said it was all right to call him this
The Dixie Chicks said farewell to him...with poisoned black-eyed peas
Rick Springfield wanted his girl and Carly Simon wouldn't cut fresh flowers for him
Pearl Jam said he spoke in class today
Jim Staffords' girl? Or just Jim's declaration?
According to Jim Croce, he was the baddest man in the whole damn town
According to Stories' story, he was whiter than white
Red House Painters' best friend: the oldest juvenile delinquent son
Olivia Newton-John was longing to see him
He sang the blues and held Janis Joplin's hand
Erykah Badu's suggestion on whom her boyfriend should call--but not by using her phone
Don McLean understood how he suffered for his sanity
He worked in a grocery store in Billy Joel's song
The Smiths advised him it was really nothing
In the Austin Roberts song, his girlfriend admitted she had never had a baby before
In Steve Forbert's tune, he wants to smell the moon in your perfume
Lady Gaga admonishes him not to call her name
The Specials sent a special message to him
Poe called herself a Jezebel from hell when she threatened him
Christopher Cross knew that deep in his heart he was just a boy
The Supremes said he had been gone too long
He lived upstairs, on the second floor, according to Suzanne Vega
Eminem's obsessive and eventually deranged fan
He told M.I.A. he was busy, but his loving drove her crazy
In David Geddes' song, Julie advised him to run, her dad had a gun
Even though they didn't have money, Anne Murray loved this guy who held the world in a paper cup
When he married this widow next door he became husband number VIII, according to Herman's Hermits' smash
HintAnswerSong Title
REM asked him what's the frequency
Could that someone be him that Bobby Darin compared to a shark?
Rickie Lee Jones couldn't find him in the pool hall or the drugstore
The Poppy Family asked him which way you going?
XTC made some plans for him
'til Tuesday said he denies he would ever change his mind
Elton John said he sold cartoon balloons in town
The Gorillaz chanted, I need a gun (like him), 'cos all I do is dance (unlike him)
The Beatles insisted he could make you a new and better man
Kid Creole and the Coconuts asked why can't we be like him
Curtis Mayfield said, 'He's dead--that's what I said'
This big man asked Dolly Parton, 'What you doin' snoopin' 'round my place?'
Huey Lewis & the News borrowed his ladder, step by step
Sweet said you can't push him around, he won't go home
In Peter Schilling's song, his final message was 'give my wife my love'
He took Toni Basil by the heart when he took her by the hand
Most people would turn their back on him, but Michael Jackson befriended him
He wrote the book, but Mantronix wrote the rhyme
The name that got Johnny Cash in fights and cost him a piece of his ear
Paul McCartney apologized to this Uncle, if he had caused him any pain
Sade crooned about his first affair--it was his turn to cry
According to Joni Mitchell, the last time she saw him was '68 in Detroit
From this legend to Hendrix, Neil Young walked these streets with you
Led Zeppelin boogied with him
Pink Floyd cautioned him to be careful with that axe
Although they were never too good with names, The Lemonheads said it was shame about him
Elvis Costello sang that his army was on the way and here to stay
Rod Stewart eulogized him in a song after he encountered a New Jersey gang
Beastie Boys' Adrock rode his horse named after this historic 'Midnight Rider'
Bobbi Gentry recounted the day he jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge

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