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When Johnny Mathis got a kiss from her, he felt so wonderful, so very wonderful
She showed Boomer Castleman all the secret things that turn a boy into a man
The Kinks said she walked like a woman and talked like a man
Michael Jackson claimed she was dirty, trying to seduce every man
She was Jack's Bobby Brooks slacks wearing partner in John Cougar Mellancamp's little ditty
Ike and Tina said this was the name of the Riverboat queen
She died in the church in The Beatles' song and was buried along with her name
She showed up at eight and moved in with Styx
Ooh, this pretty one made The Knack's motor run
The Everly Brothers got tired of being her clown
Things ain't been the same since she went away according to Enchantment
She had Derek & the Dominoes on their knees, begging, darling please
CCR liked the way she walked and the way she talked, but they really loved her
Concrete Blonde heard she was using someone else's number and she lost her happy glow in the Beach Boys' song
Train introduced us to her: the girl who likes to sit at home and rip on the president
Faces wanted her to drink a round to this town and bid goodbye
Dr. Hook used a dime on a pay phone to consult her mother
Datarock wanted to meet this woman, Ms. Anderson
Gallery said this big city girl grew up in the country and left her Pa and Ma
Storms were brewing in her eyes in Starship's song, but she was the poet in Fleetwood Mac's heart
Europe said to her, 'This might be our last goodbye' and she left Cliff Richard no forwarding address
Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo warned her, 'Don't let your boyrfriend put you down.'
It doesn't matter what she says, The Cure wrote her a letter anyway
With a cherry ice cream smile, she danced across the land in Duran Duran's hit
Steely Dan saw her picture and her name in lights above it
She could shake your confidence daily according to Simon & Garfunkel
She wouldn't keep still in her '65 Mustang according to Wilson Pickett's song
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons asked her to come out tonight in her red dress
Kiss ID'd her at sixteen years of age
The Rolling Stones asked, 'Who could hang a name on you?'
HintAnswerSong Title
She wanted to send him a letter and cried a bunch in Van Halen's song
The Doobie Brothers sang, 'She was born with it in her soul, Lord, she knows how to rock 'n roll'
She lived in a world of make believe, but Helen Reddy said she was special lady
The Bee Gees pleaded with this woman: Be tender with my love
Ozark Mountain Daredevils found her living her life inside of a room
Shaun Cassiday begged her. 'Hey, won't you come out tonight! The stars are dancing like diamonds in the moonlight.'
She had David Bowie jazzin' for her, with her police bike and turned up nose
Elvis Costello tried to convince her that his aim was true
ABBA was concerned if she could make it alone; Hey, Hey, Lush worried too
Louis Armstrong greeted her with 'It's so nice to have you back where you belong'
The Wallflowers suspected she might taste just like sugar and tangerines
Words meant so little when she looked up at Gilbert O'Sullivan and smiled
Leonard Cohen said she'll feed you tea and oranges from China
The Goo Goo Dolls would give up forever to touch her
Mariilion asked her to remember the chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Frank Sinatra crooned to this girl with the laughing face
Conway Twitty was lying there with another woman, but she was really on his mind
Jimmy Castor said when she got movin', her hips were hummin' in the wind
She was on the wall with a mocking smile in Suzanne Vega's song
M83 said she and Jessie had a secret world in the twilight
Ready for the World wanted to love her 'til the morning comes. Oh!
She was an East German border guard in Elton John's song
Pure Prairie League wanted to stay with her for a while...or maybe longer
Chuck Berry made the bus driver stop for her
Her smooth, round thigh made Moon Martin rush to get high
America flew back to Memphis to find her where they left her just to roam the city
Christopher Cross asked us to think about her
Dion warned us to keep away from this runaround girl, unless you like to cry
The Sugarcubes said she was too old, but the sun was much older
She was the sunlight when skies were gray in B.W. Stevenson's popular hit

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