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Clue Name Song Title
The Everly Brothers tried waking her up first, then in 1981 Simon and Grafunkel tried in Central Park
According to The Allman Brothers Band, he would always run back home to this sweet girl
The Association said she had stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies
Henry Gross knew she always loved to swim away
Tommy Tutone found her number on a wall
Fleetwood Mac would ask 'Would you stay if she promised you heaven?'
The Cure said she dreamed a wall around herself...sometimes
She haunted Iggy Pop all of his life, he loved her so
Dolly Parton begged this woman of beauty beyond compare, not to take her man
According to Ram Jam, she was from Birmingham, way down in Alabam'
Hall & Oates wanted to see her smile awhile
Jessi Colter didn't want to be mistaken for her, she left years ago
The Police advised her that she no longer had to put on the red light
She kissed Barry Manilow and stopped him from shaking. She also gave 10cc the kiss of life.
She made the Human League's Philip Oakey feel 'as if we were still lovers'
She filled up John Denver's senses, like a night in the forest
Elton John wanted her to be his acrobat
Aerosmith claimed she had a gun because her whole world came undone
Kool & the Gang said she was the kind of girl that makes you feel nice
Boston said it like a man, to make her understand
Rod Stewart laughed at all of her jokes
DeBarge wondered who was holding her now
Michael Jackson insisted that her kid was not his son
Cornership gave us a brimful of her on a 45
Death Cab for Cutie sang she wore 'a hand-me-down wedding dress'
When Dean Friedman picked her up, she wore a peasant blouse with nothing underneath
About her, Little Richard shrieked, 'Good Golly!'
Eric Clapton tried all night just to talk to her
She was a store bought woman according to Neil Diamond
Steve Perry knew that she should've been gone, knowing how he made her feel
Clue Name Song Title
Dexy's Midnight Runners implored her to 'Come On'
Laura Branigan warned her, they got the alias that she had been living under
Jefferson Starship accused her of playing a game of hide and go seek
Steve Winwood insisted she was so cool, like jazz on a summer's day
She wore a dress of deepest purple in the Eurythmics song
Elvis Costello said she laughed at those who shout her name and steal her clothes
The Who told us that she was just a girl (she's a bomb!)
Kiss promised her in 'just a few more hours, I'll be right home to you'
The Beatles admired this meter-maid
Glasvegas said she was a social worker
Although the Rolling Stones hated that sadness in her eyes, they asked 'ain't it time to say goodbye?'
Smokie lived next door to her for twenty-four years
Buddy Holly told this gal he loved her with a love so rare and true
She wanted to be a movie queen and Hot Chocolate wanted to make her the biggest star this world has ever seen
Prince met her in a hotel lobby
Helen Reddy and Tanya Tucker wondered what flower this delta woman wore
The Ramones identified her as a punk rocker
The Velvet Underground says she wants to know why she's given half of her life to people she hates now
Van Stephenson said she kept her scissors laser sharp
Siouxsie and the Banshees said she was the strawberry girl, the banana split lady
Steely Dan said she was the pride of the neighborhood, she's the raw flame
The Cocteau Twins chanted about her fingers
She set all of The Oak Ridge Boys' hearts on fire
The Cult called her a youthquaker, Andy Warhol called her a companion
Toto wanted to meet her all the way
The wind cried her name in Jimi Hendrix's song
Looking Glass said she worked layin' whiskey down
She up and left Kenny Rogers with four hungry children and a crop in the field
The Beach Boys turned to her for help
Fountains of Wayne wanted her mother and so did Bowling for Soup

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