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Scramble the Capital Letters to Come Up with These Popular Christmas Words~ *Read 'How to Play'

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Scramble Capital LettersChristmas Word
LOIS MEETs her boyfriend with This
KATE'S are So nICE
DANNY got this Confection all over his fACE
for being so naughty, this is all AL COllected
REGGIE did Not share this treat with BRAD
Gail had to LEAN against the tree to hang this ornament
Lisa got pleNty of STAREs with these attached to her car
VELma was the SmallEst of these
WHAT claiRE put on her door
GO STICK your haNd in it to see what you got
aunt ethel told me what she was getting you, IF TRUE, you might want to give it bACK
aMANda bought hers at a main street STORE in November
DARCy got one from TGIFs
santa was an INCH too wide to MakE his waY down this
KEN CUT across town and RACed to this peRformance
Scramble Capital LettersChristmas Word
santa's navigation system says, 'make a full LOOP, THEN Return here.'
BOB tRipped oN It
Polly SET IT ON the dIning tAble
FLO KNEW AS soon as christmas day arrived, she'd see one
IT'S Lucky to be on this
Paul found this GREAT bIRD in the tree
TEd WEARS his every season
GiGi found it GONE
SAL RECORded an album with these guys
mom will NAG you if you Go out without BOOTs and this
the christmas DANCE waS Lit with these
grandPA READ in the newspaper that this would be held on saturday
REID coNstructed a fEEdeR for them
HAndel composed this to honor and blESS hIM
if you don't SCORE enough on this quiz, you may GO away saying 'bah humbug!'

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