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Can you name the 80's Bands -In other words (Part IV)

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Brutish Critter-like Male Adolescents
Accurate and True Biography
Court Order for Arrest
New Orleans Hurricane and What it Brought Along With It
It's a Cocktail Shot! A Hair-Do! A Bomber Plane!
The New Discotheque in Paris
Bride and Groom's Choice of Room
The 'Magic' Stripper + the Auto Repair Guys
Will, Jada and Jaden
British Egg White Whisking
Ms. Simone or Ms. Garcia or Ms. Blackwell or Ms. Dobrev
Major TV Network
Winnie the Pooh's Dinner Fingers
Eureka Moment!
Heart of Dixie
Commune of People Employed at Help Desks
The Prison Sentence Duration
The Look of Lemon Jell-O
Acronym That Goes Way Beyond Proper Limits
Presley Abbott and the Charming Spectacles
Montezuma's Nikon
Half a Dozen Conceits
Courtney & Nuclear Missiles
A Nunnery of Compassion
Bite the 1st Vowel Off of Nabisco's Famous Black and White Cookie While Going Downhill Fast in a Radio Flyer
Pretzel-Like Sibling
Hired Boots at the Disco
A Flat Bottomed Cargo Boat With an Almost Failing Grade
Unable to Find it On a Chinese Menu
Home to London, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Rome
They Fly If You're Welding, They Fly If You're Kissing (Well, If You're Good at It)
Belly Dancer's Hypnotic Movement
Shetland Narrow Inlet with an Almost Failing Grade
Instruction in Yoga Class...In and Out
Run With the Football
The Toothpaste Containers
Ain't Know Proper Way To Be Speaking to We Folks, If You Is To Ask I
White Flag/Red Dot
Chicago's Ms. Hart Makes It Beautiful For Your Ears
There's A Kind of a Hush at the Prison Melee
Faux Sound Repetition In a Cave
Goal of an Investigative Journalist
A Flourishing, Rapidly Developing City of Vermin
Late Shift Texas Baseball Player
Human Subjects of the Past You Study in Anthropology Class
Emma's Identical or Fraternal Matches
Acronym That Goes Beyond Proper State of Happiness
The Only Judge in Town
Happy รท
Vast Ocean Celebrity

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