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Andy Taylor's Occupation in Mayberry
A Diverse Patchwork of Varied People and Personalities
The Understudies
The Meteorological Maidens
Fairies that Enjoy Powdered Candy from Straw Stix
The Lumpy Teacup Occupants
Clean 'Little House' Owners Association Headed by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Awesome Phoenixes
The Punchline That'll Slay You
Pont Jogged Pont Jogged
A Multitude of Nutcases
Wilder Adores this Better Davis Flick
Goliath & Goliath
Athletes Vying for a Position on a San Francisco Major League Baseball Team
They Don't Perform 'The Nutcracker' or 'Swan Lake'
Their Members Drink the Kool-Aid
Werewolf Destroyer Device or Coors Light Swilling Ensemble
Graceful Body Movements in Response to Improvised Music
Dom Perignon
The Supreme Leader of Ceremonies in a Raincoat and Nothing Else & the Angry Quintet
Up-to-the-Minute Trendy Brits
Costas & Henning Phillips
Reverend That Will Betray You
Fontaine Airplane & the Dark Chest Organs
Crayon with a Pulse
Brokaw Trite & the Guys Who Don't Text or Call Back
The Deceased Politicians of Camelot
Group of Fashion Consultants
Kinnear Blood-Rela(h)tive Combo
Sound Activities in a Library
Ferrell Intends to Supply Speed
The Ladies Gracing the Front of Vogue Magazine
The Knee-Jerk Test
The Toast Topping
The Land of the Free 4 the Dark Continent
Admiral Private
Huge Sound Transmitting Explosive Sticks of TNT
French for Fashion Update or Dispatch
Breaking Point in Shanghai
Good (In French)/Pesci/Sci-Fi Series
The Deceased Morning Delivery Guys
The Intimidating Doctors of Medicine That Don't Mess Around
The Art of Rubbing Out Something, Perfected on Chalkboards
Monty Python's Agency 'of Silly Walks'
Baby Limahl's First Words Uttered
Mademoiselles Causing Great Harm
Her German Majesty
Carl Yastrzemski's Nickname
Arctic Dwelling
Messiah & the Tyler Moore Metal Links

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