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Can you name the 80's Bands - In other words (Part III)?

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One in a White Shaker, One in a Black Shaker, Both on the Tabletop
A Coolheaded Jackie Robinson in His Jersey
Carson Deplores the Duke and His Ilk
German School of Architecture
Diffused Matter Floating in the Air
Atomic Dog Noises
Kudlow Presley and the Sect of Preserved Fruit Spreads
The Size of Drink You Order After a Hard Day
I'm Tryin' to Stop a Type of Cab That'll Hold Eight People
A Cool Pair of Sneakerz Still in the Box
Quartet of a Chinese Communist Political Faction
Selleck Cruise Bludgeoning Device
Often Bookends 'World'
Marijuana Maidens
Kingdom Come After My Sweet Sixteen
Fe Virgin
The Lodge of Houdini Enthunsiasts
Bender, Claire, Andrew, Brian and Allison
Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Blake
The West Side Sharks' Nemesis
A Triplet Duck/Comedian Jerry/The Breaking Stories of the Day
A Soiree All Over the Globe
Mr. Avalon Heads for Tinsel Town
Upright Structure of Haitian Religion
Smith & Wesson Cartridge
Do Not Proceed East
Musical Ensemble Playing a Distress Call
An Average Guy, but Not in Briefs
Spinning Toy that Makes a Snoring Sound
Eve's Partner and the Picnic Spoilers
Aimless Tabbies and Meandering Calicos
Juliet Null
The Tabernacle
Young Dick Introduces Himself to Young Jane
German Capital
Past Tense of Be (Not Be)
Financial Advisor Orman and People Screaming Like These Because They Lost a Fortune
I R 39
Smith & Wesson Products 'n 1-800-FLOWERS Products
Cultured People Meeting To Discuss Whether Their Watches 'Take A Licking and Keep on Ticking'
Inhabiting a Cubicle
Electrical Current that Goes Both Ways
Hilfiger Pair of Colors
Scheming News Network
When You Roam into Italy, Do As the Italians Do
Attractive Arsenic
The Electric Company
Breastaurant Known for Its Owl Logo

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