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Painter Pollock's 'High' Hand Gesture
The Big Easy Minus the 'New'
The Old Dog Meets the New Cat
Utility Provider In California
The One Thing the Recipe Can't Do Without
Thomas Seaside Watchtower
Style Mag for Men
Dark Day of Worship
Repeated Pattern Sounds Coming from a Portion of Peachtree Street
Tribe from Greenwich
Self-imposed Removal or Removal by Decree?
Household of the Bird Found in the Pear Tree at Christmas Time
Mr. Thicke/The New School of Design (NYC)/Art or Science Assignment
Male Relatives Without a Feminine Bone in Their Bodies
The Sheen Jack Combo
Female Sibling Hammer Choice
Gender Guns
Schoolhouse Rock's Xavier Sarsaparilla's First Name
Embarrassed Skeleton
Job at Velveeta Mac 'N Cheese Brand
Active Fan Blades
Precedes Shack, Waves and Flyer
'Let's Get Down to the Important Facts of the Soil' Ensemble
Power Tool or Puzzle?
Towering Star of 'Jurassic Park'
God Bless This Landmass
Madden Dennis Philharmonic
Cascade of Flames
Maternal Patent Seekers
Food of the Gods
-16.1111 Celsius
Mr. Montana in the Disney World Location & the Break of Day
Roosters with Military Haircuts
If Such a Person Existed, He Might Make Aeroplanes
Excellent, Above-Average, Above-Average, Excellent
Ag Aficionados Rent Out the Hyatt
A Philosophical Barney the Dinosaur
The Clever Way of Doing Something
Thankfully Not Breathing
'Bewitched' Neighbor Mrs. Kravitz/Chess Piece & Dots on Dice
Ameila Earhart
A Sweet, Sweet Mass of Unsliced Bread
Michele-Ted High-Gear
Silo of TNT
Colorful Picture of Depression
Highest Point of Depression Group
I'll Have the Terra, Cooked Ever So Slightly
Israeli City
Congestion of Cars
Lyndon and His Male Sibling
Moe, Larry & Curly...Just Don't Count Them
Don't Hate Him! Hate the Game!
The Bulbs are Too Timid to Screw into the Fixture
The Stroller Occupants
A Deep Red Color Falls Over His Majesty
Bing, Moonshine Makers, Ogden & Juvenile
Bee Substance in an Edible Ice Cream Container
'Roll Your Own Smokes' Fraternity

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