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aragogs wifechamber of secrets
muggle man that spots harry and ron in the flying carchamber of secrests
snapes mothers name (first name)half blood prince
aberforth dumbledores patronusdeathly hallows
number of hogwartians that die in the battle of hogwartsdeathly hallows
author of unfogging the futureprisoner of azkaban
flavour of the grey bertie botts bean harry eats on the hogwarts expressphilosophers stone
how many times was nearly headless nick hit with the axe that still didnt completely remove his headchamber of secrets
what combination does mr weasley dial in the phone box when escorting harry to his hearing at the ministryorder of the phoenix
name of the first year that begins the sorting in harrys fifth year and is put into gryffindor order of the phoenix

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